EXIDE® Orbital® AGM Marine Starting

Starting Power, When You Need It Most.™ Hi-tech spiral wound and sealed technology designed to deliver high bursts of power to start marine engines every time.

Spill Proof*

  • Sealed valve-regulated battery is non-spillable and can be mounted anywhere in your boat - in your engine compartment or inside the cabin.

Spiral Wound AGM

  • Advanced spiral wound cell design delivers superior performance and durability.


  • With up to 800 Cold Cranking Amps (CCA), this battery has the right starting power when you need it.

Vibration Resistant

  • Highly absorbent glass mat separators provide cushioning for better vibration resistance.

Reserve Capacity (RC)

  • Reserve capacity (RC) minutes to operate emergency equipment, on-board accessories, trolling motors, live wells, 12-volt lighting, depth finders, etc. Features RC ratings up to 95 minutes.

Maintenance Free*

  • Sealed, maintenance-free design for your convenience.


*Under normal operating conditions.